Above: This version went on to become the production model for the Flyer 155.5. Photo by Dustin Lalik.

The Flyer is our true twin offering with a classic shape, camber and flex pattern.
Designed with all mountain freestyle in mind, the Flyer also features our Slam Back inserts ensuring you never get caught short on a pow day.
Above: Kevin testing a prototype on the Zig-Zag course at Baldface Lodge. 
Measurements in mm unless otherwise stated.
(We're Canadian eh!)
Length: 1555
Radius: 7500
Nose: 292
Waist: 249
Tail: 292
Shape: True Twin
Flex: True Twin / 6
Ref. Stance: 571mm / 22.5”
Base: 4001 Sintered Durasurf
Core: Vertically Laminated Aspen / Poplar
Damping: Triaxial E-glass / Perimeter Rubber Foil
Pop: 20x Carbon Stringers
Sidewall: UHMW Polyethylene
Edge: Rockwell 48 Steel
Below: Making sure the Slam Back inserts do their job. Deep in the trees, Whistler BC. Photo by Adam Levitt.